On my intentional absence

It’s nearly two years since I stopped posting on this blog and it’s been intentional and healing. Along with many others, I have been adapting to social upheaval, a pandemic, a polar vortex, loss, and private, personal issues that I’ve pulled back from sharing. Simply put, I’ve had the privilege of silence and withdrawal.

I realized that the root of my desire to withdraw was grief and I leaned in to it. I have not ignored anybody who’s reached out to me unless it was best for me to do so.

I’m not sure yet how long I’ll stick around past this blog entry, but wanted to peek in and let you know that I’m doing well, am very happy, and love my new career and my new zip code.


Why I’m no longer in the yarn business

I’m now working from home for a company based in Dallas, Texas. I spend most of my day online, at a computer, sourcing hard-to-find items that have nothing to do with yarn. Isn’t that an unexpected twist? (I thought so too). As different as it is, I feel good about having a career again. Since June, when the shop closed, I entertained some serious offers that would have kept me busy in the yarn and needle-crafting industry, but the universe knew that’s not what I needed, and it led to something else.

During the week, I don’t make time to knit. I do, however, try to sit and knit once a week (on Sundays, if I’m in town) at The Social Knitwork in Old Town Spring. I try to keep up with social media when I’m between tasks at work, because I enjoy seeing what you all are creating. My other crafty pursuit (card-making) is limited to early mornings and an occasional evening.

The more a person limits himself, the more resourceful he becomes.

SØREN KIerkegaard

I will be selling the twistedyarnstexas.com domain by early 2020. In doing so, I want to assure you that no customer information will be sold or transferred to any individuals or entities. I will retain (and rename) the Twisted Yarns Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts before then. I no longer own or maintain a customer database on any email list providers.

If you would like to keep in touch, please send a private message (or “DM”) on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re not on Facebook or Instagram, please send a text or leave a voicemail at 281-528-8664. I do not answer the phone at this number during the day; just leave your name and any contact information you’re comfortable providing and it will only be seen (or heard!) by me! Please note: I’ll be updating Facebook when I begin de-stashing my personal yarn collection (with a percentage of proceeds going to a local charity). I would love to post information about your favorite knitting group if you’re open to new friends and participants.

You know me – I’ll always reward you for reading all the way to the end of a long blog post. I left you all hanging with a photo of my grandson a few months ago and he’s already changed so much! Here’s a sneak peek of a candid photo of both of my grandsons. These two are best buddies and best brothers:

I hope you all are doing great and enjoying your favorite hobbies and yarn pursuits! I miss you all so much,

Janet Russell

Hello, Fiber Craft Enthusiasts

Welcome to the new online space for friends and followers of the former Twisted Yarns retail shop in Spring, Texas. Even though I’m no longer selling yarn and knitting supplies in an actual shop, I’m drafting a vision that extends beyond the walls of a physical space. I can’t wait to share more! For the next few weeks it might be quiet around here as I’m spending as much time as possible with this captivating little guy and his big brother.

Meanwhile, feel free to comment here with any questions and I’ll answer them from the road (not while I’m driving, of course)!

Twisted Yarns – Shop Updates Week of June 17, 2019

Monday 6/17 – open by appointment only
Tuesday 6/18 – 12-3 (sit and knit/crochet from 1-3)
Wednesday 6/19 – 12-3 (sit and knit/crochet from 1-3)
Thursday 6/20– open by appointment only
Friday 6/21– by appointment only – Houston Fiber Festival begins
Saturday 6/22– by appointment only – Houston Fiber Festival begins

Just a reminder about the following local events:

Houston Fiber Festival – June 21-23

Yarn Trail Yarn Crawl – August 19-25, 2019 – visit one of the local shops listed below to purchase your trail bag and guide:

  • The Social Knitwork
  • Yarn Store Boutique
  • Merribee Needlearts
  • Park Avenue Yarns
  • The Modern Skein
  • Yarnia

Twisted Yarns – Shop Updates Week of June 3, 2019

Good afternoon, all! I’m delighted to see that my URL has officially transferred to twistedyarnstexas.com from the former WordPress URL. My email address, however, has not been transferred. If you’ve sent email, and haven’t received a reply — that’s why!

So going forward (til the last week in June), I’m open sporadically, by appointment only. Please get in touch with me here in the comments or via the shop phone, message on Facebook, or message on Instagram if you’d like to schedule a time to come in and do some shopping.

Fixtures and products that remain include the following:

  • 12 10- 8-cube Ikea Expedit natural-colored shelves ($60 each)
  • 3 2 – 16-cube Ikea Expedit natural-colored shelves ($90 each)
  • Various magazine racks and pattern displays
  • 10″ Cricket Loom Kit, new in the box for 20% off

Please subscribe to blog updates and follow us on social media. See you soon!

There’s still yarn . . .

To answer a popular question this month:

Yes, we still have a respectable amount of yarn at 50% off, including some of your favorites: Plymouth Encore, Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, Cascade 220 wool (not superwash), and more.

Our patterns, books, and magazines are 75% off through Saturday at 3:00 pm. In Shibui, we have Fern and Echo in a limited color palette of sweater quantities.

In addition to a few shelves and Ikea Expedit units (many are already spoken for), we also have additional display items, fixtures, rigid heddle looms, and wheels for sale.

  • 10″ Cricket Loom Kit (new in the box, assembly required) – 20% off the regular price of $180
  • 10″ Cricket Loom used for classes, fully assembled with all supplies – $100 sold
  • 25″ Flip Loom, used, fully assembled with several reeds and included accessories for $500 (consignment – price is firm and much lower than the regular price)
  • Louet S10 Single Treadle spinning wheel – shop sample (gently used) – $499 sold
  • Ashford Traveller double treadle spinning wheel – shop sample (used) – $499 sold

Twisted Yarns: Future Plans and Shop Hours

For those of you who aren’t on our email list or following us on social media, here’s a quick version of the changes going on at Twisted Yarns in Spring, Texas:

I (Janet Russell, current owner) chose to not renew my lease at the Twisted Yarns shop location in Spring, Texas. My lease expires June 30, 2019, and I am liquidating everything in the shop, including fixtures, inventory, and other business-related assets. I will retain the Twisted Yarns name and all the associated social media accounts, and within the week, the URL will be here at WordPress as a fiber- and craft-related blog covering yarn shops and indie dye artists in Texas. I’m anticipating a lot of field trips in the Fall, but will take a long summer off to spend time with my family and travel.

Among the things I missed the most when business ownership became my full-time job were writing, teaching, and knitting. I’m finally reclaiming space for all of those things as yarn store ownership is winding down. However, I will be open through June 1 at 3:00 p.m. (Tuesday through Friday are 12-5 pm). From June 3 through the remainder of the month, I will be open by appointment only for those who need to pick up any fixtures or merchandise they’ve purchased from Twisted Yarns.

I’ve been thinking about long-time Twisted Yarns customers who are sad about the loss of their knitting community and would like to reassure you that after a short break, there will be another yarn shop in August in the same space I am vacating! Meanwhile, I’ve spoken to both Chris at The Social Knitwork and Doris at Yarn Store Boutique to introduce myself to them, and to let them know I’m sending customers their way. Please click the links I’ve provided and go visit one or both of them! They’re also participating in the Houston-area yarn crawl that begins August 19: The Yarn Trail.

Finally, I cannot thank you enough for supporting Twisted Yarns, and helping to provide a welcoming place for others to learn, gather, and share. It’s been an absolute privilege to have owned Twisted Yarns the last five years — I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made as a result of our mutual love of fiber.

With Gratitude,

Janet’s New Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me in a new venture! I’m returning to my blogging roots with a focus on writing about the Texas fiber community and yarn shops throughout the state. There are big plans in the works and I’m not going anywhere — in fact, you might see more of me. I appreciate all the encouragement and feedback you all have shared with me the past few months.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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