On my intentional absence

It’s nearly two years since I stopped posting on this blog and it’s been intentional and healing. Along with many others, I have been adapting to social upheaval, a pandemic, a polar vortex, loss, and private, personal issues that I’ve pulled back from sharing. Simply put, I’ve had the privilege of silence and withdrawal.

I realized that the root of my desire to withdraw was grief and I leaned in to it. I have not ignored anybody who’s reached out to me unless it was best for me to do so.

I’m not sure yet how long I’ll stick around past this blog entry, but wanted to peek in and let you know that I’m doing well, am very happy, and love my new career and my new zip code.


1 thought on “On my intentional absence”

  1. Very pleased to learn that you have survived the past two years of isolation. We have come through this also. Joe and I just celebrated our 66nd wedding anniversary. Very low key. I’m not knitting much, but am keeping my fingers nimble. I’m quilting almost daily and belong to my church’s craft circle. My quilts go into our spring and autumn boutiques which raise money for missions. Thank you for keeping in touch with me. God bless you and yours.

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